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Hoping that 2023 brings you all much happiness and good health! Here is the link to purchase all three books in the Ascent of the Witch Trilogy:

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Maiden of Belial

Maiden is a rural tale of witches, romance, demons and murder. Mel Morgan thinks she is burying her Grandparents but soon finds herself entangled in the evil web her own Grandmother has woven. Now, she must not only fight and defeat the demon, but Mel must stop her Grandmother, the High Priestess, before she is offered up as the next Maiden of Belial.

E-book, paperback and hard covers available on Amazon now!

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Dance of the Witches

In the second book of the Ascent of the Witch Trilogy, Mel Morgan once again finds herself thrust into the fight of her life, a life that for the last fifteen years has been tranquil. She and Mike have made a wonderful life for themselves and their fourteen-year-old daughter, Katy. Mel has finally come to terms with being a witch and has accepted the fact that she has certain powers. Until someone from their past returns and brings forth an ancient Scottish curse. Then Mel’s powers are put to the test as she must save not only herself, but the two people she loves most.

E-book, paperback and hard covers available on Amazon now!

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Daughters of the Devil

The final war is on! Mel’s real father, Leonard Bowden has once again kidnapped her daughter, Katy. He plans to train his granddaughter to become the most powerful witch to ever exist…and to rule the world by his side. As Mel and her friends try to find his location, she realizes that Leonard is no longer human, he’s stronger than Satan and far more evil. Can they find the one weapon that could finally bring Leonard Bowden down? And do it before they find themselves trapped inside the bowels of Hell as they battle the vilest, most nefarious demon to ever walk amongst the living — and the dead.

Pre-order the E-book now! Paperbacks and hard covers Available for Purchase Jan. 20th, 2023



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I am beyond excited to bring you the Ascent of the Witch Trilogy! The books follow Mel Morgan as she discovers she has powers and comes from a long line of witches. In Book 1, Maiden of Belial, Mel is thrust into a fight against an evil grandmother and the demon she worships, Belial. Along the way, she falls in love with the handsome sheriff and finds life-long friendships. Now Mel must find a way to defeat the evil and not become the next Maiden of Belial. As Book 2 and 3 develop, fifteen years have passed, and Mel and her daughter Katy are full-fledged powerful witches. Then they are called upon to once again fight the dark, while saving themselves and the ones they love.

I began writing Maiden in 1989 when my children were small and I would pound away at my Brother Word Processor down in our dark, creepy basement. My dream was to be the female equivalent of Stephen King. I loved his books! But with life, schooling and career, I set the book aside for many years. I then started a business where I worked 10 hour days, 6-7 days a week. Once we closed the business in 2020, I finally had the time to complete a total rewrite. Wow! Technology sure has changed since the late 80's. So I updated it, modernized it and even changed some of the characters and plot lines. But the gist of the novel has remained pretty steadfast. Yes it has taken me some 30 years to complete my novel, but I still love it after all this time. Thank you for joining me and I hope you stay tuned for the next chapter. 


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